My Philosophy of Teaching and Learning

From learning comes to knowledge

From practicing comes to know-how

From ‘real’  winning and losing comes to happiness and sadness

From happiness and sadness comes to Wisdom


The cycle of learning that I really believe anyone should experience for mastering on something. Those especially fit for preparing your self in Capital Market. On this short articles, I will dig on that based on my more than 15 years of experience in teaching it.

From learning comes to knowledge

Just simple logic, to gain knowledge, anyone has to roll his/her sleeves. Boost your motivation by making a good reasoning why you want to learn on that particular subject. Knowledge is not something that falling out from the sky or growing from the tree so you can just pick it up or used it without any effort. No brothers, No sisters …  you have to earn it … What, How, Where, and From Whom you learn becomes critical on what you will earn at the end.

From practicing comes to know-how

I am in a fan of ‘wet your hand’ to learn anything, trying it on the real world is a must.  To learn how to ride a bike is not enough just reading the book about how to ride a bike, or watch youtube on things to avoid when learning how to ride a bike. Just hop on your bike, ask someone to push you and … start to pedal.

From ‘real’winning and losing comes to happiness and sadness

Experiencing the success and failure and is a part of the learning process. There are inner beauties in experiencing both success and failure. No body ’s perfect, … failures are the delayed success.  This types of exposure will never be obtained if you stop only using ‘simulator’. There is no ‘rush ‘ feeling from crashing your bike on to neighbor fences,  or there is no sense of full of achievement should you pedal 10 times without any  ‘commotion’

From happiness  and sadness comes to Wisdom

At the end… times to reflects your accomplishments. Your scars, your big smiles full of feat feeling will be the necessary things to experience. Your new wisdom and realization that the full circle of learning should start from opening the first page of the book to obtain knowledge and will be closed by how you enjoy the success and failure in the mastering of a new thing.

Happy and enjoy learning new things, dare to learn new things, anyone?


15 Ramadhan 1439 H

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