Can herding behaviour make your portfolio be outstanding?

From my last experience, I would say: YES, IT CAN. I believe in fundamental but I tend to follow the “others” to exercise. I don’t really like technical but I tend to look the graph first to analyse but at the end I follow the “others” to exercise. “The others” that I use to be followed is the expert in my life. For me, having the “others” as a leader is a must. I choose to do herding because it is proven to get more capital gain than capital loss. I got about 67% capital gain by doing herding consistently for a half year. But guess what after that, I did my fundamental analysis and I got 27% capital loss (I use the best ratio from my best knowledge). Market is efficient, isn’t it? But as human, we tend to get the advantage using market inefficiency (while something happens either positive or negative things). Small stocks, value stocks, and other category that more volatile stated it can give us more gaining than the other stocks. But for me, HERDING (if it’s not too late and know-how and who to follow) is more gaining than the other strategies for any stocks.
What about you?? Are fundamental and technical really matters for your portfolio?

Marla Setiawati
LIFE LONG LEARNER ~instagram: patriciamarla~

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