Benefit for Investors during Ramadan and Eid Celebration

Consumer good, tourism, and logistic & transportation sector are the most three industries that getting maximum benefit because of Ramadan and Eid celebration. Stocks that related with consumer goods in such as ULTJ, ROTI, MYOR, INDF, ICBP, CLEO, CAMP, and AISA tend to have positive trend. Stocks that related with hotel and tourism such as ARTA, KPIG, PANR, INPP, and so on also have positive trend. Stocks that related with logistic & transportation such as GIAA, PSSI, and MBSS give the same result like two previous industries before.

Although many investors bid those kind of stocks, there is no significant change of IHSG that prone to have negative trend. Some experts said it’s because sentiment from US (either from Fed or Trade War between US and China). So, Does it mean those three industries only have small contribution for our IHSG rather than other industries or some sentiment?

In addition, government also decided for all to have long holiday for this celebration. This decisions tried to achieve our consumption behaviour and magnify our GDP for third quarter. Will this way be success? The answer can be yes or no. For me as investors, to get capital gain during this holiday, we need to make our portfolio outperform using those three kind of industries. Happy invest!

Marla Setiawati
LIFE LONG LEARNER ~instagram: patriciamarla~

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