Break Through the Boundaries

“Pain is temporary, glory is forever”

Everyone must have dreams. Even from the childhood we are always given the motivation to have dreams as high as the sky. To be to be a doctor, to be an architect to be a successful entrepreneur, there are many more dreams that we want for the future. But as time goes on and we are getting grown up, our dreams are getting faded. Majority of us let our limits hold us back, this is precisely that makes us cannot go beyond ourselves because we tend not to believe in ourselves. Impossible is just a state of mind. Many things that people think are impossible are in fact possible.

Though go beyond ourselves is quite important for us. By pushing beyond our limits, we can become everything that we ever wanted to be. This is one of the ways to become a better person, being a useful person for ourselves as well as others. Not many of us want to push the limits. Such brave people are people who have strong beliefs and want to be “more” than average.

Faith is the foremost thing; believe that we are able to reach out the things we have written. Even when circumstances are not on our side and we seem to have failed, be sure, this faith that will make us go beyond our own limits. When we see failure in front of us, but still do not want to give up, that’s when we have pushed our limits.

When we try to struggle in ways that have never thought of succeeding, that’s when we have beyond our limits. We can tell that we already past the limit when we force ourselves to keep moving when we actually no longer able to move. I often feel that lately, not much significant progress has been achieved. It’s a bit hard to push myself to learn more things. But that’s when we have to remember our goals again. We are running out of time, spending time being lazy will further reduce our time in surpassing ourselves.

So if it’s crossing our mind to give up with our efforts, try to push our self-limits, push ourselves from laziness and despair, be assured that what we think and dream is not just mere imagination, but be sure that it will come true, immediately.

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