It is always Fun work with you students… On the behalf  of the lecturer, I hope all of you  will succeed in the future.  Your feedback and sincere comments will be used for  the improvement in this class,  please put your comments here :

This course give us applied science of investing that very useful in our future career as an analyst, fund manager, broker, investment banker, or even as a private investor. By trading using real account in this class, we learn behavioral aspect of investing directly. Greed and fear dominate our rational thinking, therefore, this is the most realistic course in finance. The most fun of this class is I get free Stockbit account for several months!
Achlanudin Yusuf – Zilo Capital – MSM 2017

This class teaches us how to deal with uncertainty! Although you do it correctly and carefully, the results may be different. With real money at stake, this investment class feels like a roller coaster ride,  there’s always up and down, tense but overall it gives us great fun! Thank you Mr. Deddy Priatmodjo for the wonderful experience.
Fauzan Dwi Putra Lubis – M&L Capital – MSM 2017
It has been a pleasure having the opportunity to be taught by inspiring lecturer like you during my life in MSM Finance. The Investment and Portfolio course was well organized and structured and taught at an appropriate level. Mr. Deddy puts in an effort to prepare his lecture slides (they are pretty well prepared with lovely background and comprehensive). His lectures are fairly interesting and engaging. Thank you for an interesting, useful, and thoughtful class. I learned a lot and enjoyed the course especially the field trip. NOW, with much more self-experience, I am really ready to be a real INVESTOR.
Marla Setiawati – Seeker Securities – MSM 2017
Before I took this class, I was less aware of the capital market and choose a certain stock to invest simply based on my judgment without adequate knowledge of it. In the beginning, I kept losing money on my portfolio as I’m not familiar with technical. Week fifth was a breakthrough for me right after Mr. Deddy explained clearly about technical analysis, I am confident about my holding and know well when to buy and sell. It is a pleasant feeling to watch my portfolio gradually makes some gain. Investing in the stock market is difficult for those who know nothing about it, and this class makes it easy to comprehend. As the market becomes more competitive day by day, this class would be more complete if we learn also about investor psychologies as it has an important role in trading.  In the end, I am thankful to everyone that was very supportive during the class and gives so much fun learning experience. 
Milan Malinda – Wookie Capital -MSM 201
This class gives me huge exposure to the practical side of capital market by directly participating in it, not only learning from the books, and this is a big part of learning process in finance. By doing so, it forces me to really think creatively and work hard so that I will not lose my own money. I will never forget how it feels to lose 13% in one single week and I believe this taught me how to manage risk wisely in the future. If I were to choose two things that could be improved in this class is that since we are MSM students, learning from academic papers is also very beneficial alongside the learning from “real world”. The second, this class should be offered in a long semester so that the exposure will be even more greater. Overall, this class is an excellent once-in-a-lifetime experience
Abdurrahman Arroisi – GS Capital – MSM 2017
The Investment Theory and Portfolio class made me realize the desires that I always delayed because of doubts and lack of knowledge in the field of investment. This subject forced me to read a lot and continue to learn and of course plunge to practice it directly. The tasks and knowledge given are very practical, so I find it much easier to learn. Although this class is over, but I will try to invest by not forgetting to practice what I have learned in the class. Because as a wife, I have to be smart enough to manage finances for a better family’s future and not forget to contribute to the advancement of this country.
Rizky Nurul – M&L Capital – MSM 2017
So excited and thankful to have finished this course with a dedicated and motivated lecturer, Pak Deddy. I was new to the stock market, learning how to protect my portfolio actively and partly played defense instead of massive offense. Initially, I just act blindly in accordance with herd mentality and media speculations, letting emotions of greed and fear overshadow sagacity. Then, this course has come to shed light on making due diligence decisions and proper research on the day trading practice especially using technical analysis. Again, thank you for this eye opener you shared willingly!
Shilvia Kurniawati – Zilo Capital –  MSM 2017
Before this class, I only know a little about investment and that makes me afraid to try it. Through this class, Pak Deddy encouraged us to try it in the real world and taught us of things we need to know, such as how to analyze stocks. I experienced getting both negative and positive return. Now, I feel the thrill of investment is exciting and challenging and not afraid anymore as I have a little experience. Thank you for Pak Deddy to give me the experience, courage, and knowledge. 
Mutiara Aini – Seeker Securities – MSM 2017


This class is fun, thrilling and meaningful at the same time. I’m bad at describing things, but I can tell that until now I keep ‘ngulik’ the fittest strategy (not best, because “best strategy” is not exist) to manage my portfolio while writing this comment. Such passion has never appeared since my first day in MSM. I think I’m drawing a clearer path for my future, and the credit goes to you. Thank you, Pak!
Endang Dwi  – Wookie Capital – MSM 2017

This course is really valuable for me because i learn so many things about investment and portfolio theory then also how to build optimal strategy in financial market by conducting real trading and investing. we have experienced “the big cut loss”, almost 10% of our money at the beginning. Afterwards, Mr. Deddy introduced us about technical analysis and it makes us “comeback guys” to the on track performance. We faced down and up in financial market such as a “rollercoster” in financial market and one thing i learn from my lecturer, Mr. Deddy, “If you want to be expert in trading or investing in financial market, you should have failed at the first and there are no investors that never face a failure”. Not just for this course, i would like to give my best appreciation and thank you so much sir for your services in teaching me about fundamental of economics, time series analysis, and investment. This time is unforgettable and priceless and it’s an honor to be your student sir.
Muhamad Darda Musasyah – GS Capital – MSM 2017