Piotroski F-Score and P/B Rank  Screener Model

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Investment is something that many people do nowadays. There are several steps on making an
investment and it starts with selecting stocks for our portfolio. There are so many stocks and there are also several ways to choose the stock, using fundamental, technical or mixed, so that it suited to our purpose. The stock screening process is a way to filter the stock based on our preferences. We can use several rules to filter the stocks but we only use 3 rules to screen the stock in this example that suited our purpose. Since our philosophy is to seek for the high return we will have value investing strategy. Detail  explanation can be read at  this: Piotroski F-Score and P/B Rank screener model.

GARP – Growth at Reasonable Price  Screener Model

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GS Capital is currently  using GARP method, which is Growth at Reasonable Price. This method tries to combine the approach of value and growth investing to select stocks. This method tries to find companies that have consistent earnings growth that does not have too high valuations. The goal of this method is to prevent investors to be on the extreme side of either value or growth approach. Usually, this will make investors choose growth-oriented stocks with low price/earnings ratio. This graph below will illustrate the approach of GARP. Detail  explanation can be read at this :  GARP  screener model

Big Cap Undervalue Stock Screener Model

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There still a lot of investors who feel confused to choose what kind of stocks to be executed before they start to make an investment. In this article, we will explain how to filter the stocks according to the selected parameters which have a good performance and also listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. In case you didn’t know, the screener is a tool to filter stock based on key parameter and matrix such as stock price, market cap, dividend yield, etc. Not only for fundamental analysis, but also for a technical one. This tool will make us easier to choose a right stock based on our preference. Now investors do not need to be confused because we can easily find the Stock Screener feature on Stockbit. Detail  explanation can be read at this :Big Cap Undervalue Stock  screener model.


Greenblatt’s and Price Momentum Screener Model

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Greenblatt’s magic formula is a simple and easy screening method that relies on quantitative screens and is designed to beat the stock market’s average annual returns. It outlines two criteria: companies cost of capital and stock price. The formula helps us to screen good companies, on average, and at a cheaper price, on average. According to Greenblatt, we need to paying a bargain price when we purchase a share in a company, in other words, we need to purchase an asset that earns more relative to the price we are paying (high earnings yield). Note that we also need to buy a good company rather than the bad one, therefore, we should select asset has higher rates of return (relatively higher ROC). In short, Greenblatt formula helps us to buy above-average companies at below-average prices. Detail  explanation can be read at this:  Greenballt’s and Price Momentum  screener model


Price Momentum Screener Model

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Screening stocks in stockbit.com are supported by a feature called screener. This tool is used to screen stocks based on your company philosophy related criteria such as technical rules, fundamental rules, or these mixed rules. In this case, we screen stocks based on our company profile to deliver high investment returns by exploiting mispriced securities in short-term basis, to manage risk with a qualified stock selection and market timing and to believe that momentum strategies are perfect ways to beat the market in the short-term basis. Finally, we use momentum investing in line with our investment philosophy. The steps are initially started by click Screener >  Preset Screener > Guru Screener > Momentum Screener >  Price Momentum. Detail  explanation can be read at this : Price Momentum  screener model.