My Philosophy of Teaching and Learning

From learning comes to knowledge From practicing comes to know-how From ‘real’  winning and losing comes to happiness and sadness From happiness and sadness comes to Wisdom   The cycle of learning that I really believe anyone should experience for mastering on something. Those especially fit for preparing your self in Capital Market. On this short articles, I will

The Way to Invest Your Money

How to Invest Your Money

                Investment is the way to grow your money by implementing smart strategies. When you invest your money, you will be an investor and you need to learn how to invest your money. You can invest your money in several types of investment such

Grasping Opportunities from Market Fluctuations

The weakening and strengthening of Rupiah have affected the price of Indonesia Composite Stock Price Index (IHSG). Yesterday, when Rupiah strengthened from 14,000 to 13,995 the price of IHSG also rose to 6,078.87 from 5,963.47. Today, when Rupiah is back to 14,000, the price of IHSG is falling to 6,030.056

BI Rate and Stability of Rupiah

Nowadays, there are many factors that make our financial market more fluctuate than before. Stock price has decreased and rupiah has depreciated. One intervention that Bank of Indonesia already done is increasing BI rate. The most trigger why Bank of Indonesia increasing BI rate is because Fed will increase their

Make Money Work for You

It’s no secret that investing can be a smart way to make money. Investment is basically an effort to allocate our current wealth into another form, so that later in the future the value will be higher. Higher in this term means that it is expected that our investment value

Sense of Optimism in IHSG and Rupiah to Investor Confidence

Composite Stock Price Index (CSPI/IHSG) rebound from 5,900 levels to the level of optimism touching at 6,068.32 today. The strengthening of Rupiah at 13,995 today also trustfully gives a remarkably positive exposure in the stock market after depreciating recently to the worst performers among Asian currencies, causing several producers using