Failure is a Friend



“If there is no struggle, there is no progress.”
– Frederick Douglass

Later did I know that it is important of being patient and wait for the right opportunity, rather than trying to force one that is not so right – one that would have took us into the unknown.

Sometimes I can get caught up in the moment and forget one important thing – there are opportunities everywhere. And, if I’m patient enough these opportunities will find me. The key is being patient for just the right moment.

Three years ago, I remember I had been thinking about investing but was still not sure. It was just something that I was just thinking about but didn’t really plan it.

In 2016, I bought some stocks without considering its timing and opportunity. Neither fundamental nor technical analysis I’d done. I putted my money, bought, then left.

I thought I was Warren Buffet. I was not.

Bought non blue chip stocks is quite thrilling for a beginner. At that time, the price increased 40% in the first three months. And then… I felt indecisive of my position. Should I sell it? Should I hold it? or should I buy more? Now the issue is not whether I should ‘nabung saham’ or not –the issue now is about position. I was clueless (because I planned nothing?).

It’s hard for me to understand whether or not the price movement is normal. I chose to sat and ignored any signals.

Few months passed by, the stocks I bought fell down for almost 100%!

*jaw drop*

I was doing nothing but enjoying my stupidity.

I realized I made many mistakes. First, I did not exersice fundamental and/or technical analysis (which is crucial). Second, I forced myself doing something without a plan. Third, I closed my eyes when the opportunity knocked my door.

Though this failure took a hard time to be accepted, it was worth it in the end. The lesson here is to always analyze each actions and remember to capture opportunity. I believe good things will come if we’re serious enough

Endang Dwi Astuti
An individual who passionate about analyzing the market.

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