2019 Class Announcements

The following is the class announcements  for the ongoing Short Semester 2019


Fourth Week 19/06/2019

  • Monitoring Portfolio Position
  • Understanding different types of Chart
  • Acknowledging majorn pattern : Trend, Reversal and Continuation
  • Understanding different types of indicatorsAssignment Due :
    • Stock Screener concept and video
    • Professional web is up.
    • Portfolio Report

Third  Week 29/05/2019

  • Efficient Market Hypothesis
  • Arbitrage Pricing Theory
  • Portfolio Development Active vs Passive
  • Portfolio Development Top Down vs  Bottom Up
  • Stock Screener

Assginment for next class

  • Develop  your own Stock screener
  • Finishing up your own profesional website


Second Week 22/05/2019

  • The concepts of Risks and Return
  • Mean-Variance Frontier -Portfolio Development
  • Capital Asset Pricing Model
  • Capital Allocation Line
  • Security Market Line
  • Capital Aset Market Line
  • Development of Portfolio

Assignment for next class :

Develop your portfolio

First Week  15/05/2019

  • Syllabus of The Class
  • The institution in the Capital Market
  • Main instruments in Capital Market
  • Market Microfoundation

Assignment for next class

An article about trader’s  type.

Class related documents Repository Systems

This class will use Google Drive intensively. Students should create a folder with the name MB5011 YOUR FIRST NAME  and shared it to me. (sending it using ) . It should be consists of two subfolders :

  • Assignments  ( to submit your assignments)
  • Portfolio  (to report your portfolio)
  • Equity Analysis ( to report your equity analysis)

Meanwhile, I will share MB 5011 Portfolio Investments and Theory, and consists of the following folders:

  • Class Materials ( class presentation materials and syllabus)
  • References  ( the main references)
  • Additional References ( Additional references the non-powerpoint)
  • Project References (references about the projects)