2018 Class Announcement

The following is the class announcements  Short Semester 2018



Eight  Week  26/07/2018

  1. Behavioral Finance Perspectives
  2. Rules and Law in Capital Market
  3. Presentations of the Equity Research
  4. Best Firm Performance Announcement … YAAYYY

Seventh  Week  19/07/2018

  1. Index Investing
  2. ETF Instruments and Markets
  3. Portfolio Evaluation: Sharpe Measures
  4. Portfolio Evaluation: Treynor Measures
  5. Portfolio Evaluation: Jensen Measures

Sixth Week 12/07/2018

  1. The Equity Valuation Model
  2. The Relative Price  Valuation Model
  3. Ratio Analysis

Fifth  Week  07/07/2018

  1. Technical Analysis
  2. Mid Term Examination – GOOD LUCK

Fourth Week 31/05/2018

  1. The Portfolio Development
  2. Bottom-Up vs Top-Down Approach
  3. Active  vs Passive Portfolio Management

Third Week  24/05/2018

  1. EMH  Concepts
  2. Arbitrage Pricing Theory

Second Week 31/05/2018

  1. The concepts of Risks and Return
  2. Mean-Variance Frontier -Portfolio Development
  3. Capital Asset Pricing Model

First Week  24/05/2018

  1. Syllabus of The Class
  2. The institution in Capital Market
  3. Main instruments in Capital Market
  4. Market Microfoundation


Class related documents Repository Systems

This class will use Google Drive intensively. Students should create a folder with the name MB5011 YOUR FIRST NAME  and shared it to me. (sending it using ) . It should be consists of two subfolders :

  • Assignment  ( to submit your assignments)
  • MidTerm Test (To submit your exam)

Meanwhile, I will share MB 5011 Portfolio Investments and Theory, and consists of the following folders:

  • Class Materials ( class presentation materials and syllabus)
  • References  ( the main references)
  • Additional References ( Additional references the non-powerpoint)
  • Project References (references about the projects)
  • Group Assignments ( submit here for all Group Assignments, format: FIRM’S NAME Project Name