Type of new investor in Indonesia market

Indonesian central securities depository (KSEI), together with financial service authority (FSA), and other Self Regulatory Organizations (SRO) announce several improvement in its operational performance based on investor development chart of january-april 2019 period. The number of single investor identification (SID), sub securities account (SRE), and login to AKSes facilities have gradually increaased. The SID number in the indonesian capital market rose by 26% from 388,960 by the begin of January to 491,116 to April 2019 in the same year. While the number of SREs has increased by 25% from 494,425 to 618,251 for the same period. SKSes utilization by investor was also up by 18%.

From the demography, the number of female investor increase significantly. If we look at the type of investor, this new spectrum of investor come from spontaneous investor with some characteristics. Spontaneous investor make investment decision based on feelings and make them frequently. They often second guessing themselves and the advice of professional. For this reason, their investment portfolio usually exhibit high portfolio turnover and may include riskier investment. It shows on the number of transaction that increased on the market. Possible example of investors that tend to have spontaneous personalities might include new woman investor and a commission-based.