Looking for Bullish Opportunities after the 2019 Indonesian elections

One reason people want to be involved in the world of stock investment is for their financial independence. Indeed, investing in the stock market is one of the high risk investment profiles. But for those who can see the direction of price movements, this is an opportunity that can be used as a profit from their passive income.

In this political year, fluctuations in stock prices are moving more volatile than ordinary years. The tendency of price movements on the Jakarta Composite Index is moving downwards. Some stocks that have good fundamentals are also corrected so that the shares are in the wrong price position.

For investors with individualist personality types, they perform calculations carefully. With the confidence they have, they make a trade plan to get rupiah coffers from the stock market. Foreign investors were busy leaving the Indonesian stock market due to their concerns over the condition of the Indonesian economy as an opportunity for those who want to buy shares at a discounted price.

The current JCI performance is inversely proportional to the majority of the major Asian stock exchanges that are transacted in the red zone. Sentiment is still the majority factor that influences the behavior of shareholders. With the increasing presence of more risky individualist investors, this is expected to be a bullish opportunity that can affect market sentiment to be positive.