The Misleading of Return Calculation

There are some definitions of return in financial market.  Return is the main purpose of all investments. In general, investors want positive and the highest return. However, the return can be negative and the results will decrease the total wealth of investors.

Should We buy stocks in the Weakening Sectors?

Indonesian financial market is still fluctuated during 2018. IHSG is corrected for 4.5% and closed in level 6.069,71 (-0.31%) in Wednesday (6/6). From nine sectors, just two sectors: mining and basic industry are still strength 22.42% and 20.16%, respectively. We believe

The Way to Invest Your Money

How to Invest Your Money

                Investment is the way to grow your money by implementing smart strategies. When you invest your money, you will be an investor and you need to learn how to invest your money. You can invest your money in several types of investment such