Markets are not Friendly, Trade Wars are Everywhere

US President Donald Trump not only declares trade war against China, but also against Europe. Trade war, when countries attack each other’s trade with tariff and quotas not only attack other countries economically, but also rising political tension between them. When big economies at wars, emerging markets bleed even more including

The Opportunity Lies in China Coal Demand

This week, the global coal prices survive in the green zone. Coal import from China contributes to strengthening the coal market. According to Thomson Reuters Supply Chain and Commodity Forecasts, in the first semester of 2018, China’s coal demand is 126.6 million tons –increase 14% from the same period last year.

The Two-side Of BI Rate Increase

The Fed, on 14 of June, has announced their Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting result. They announced that the Fed Fund Rate (FFR) increased by 25 bp from 1.75% to 2.0%. The changes of the FFR, even only the news that it will be change, have a significant impact

Indonesia Stock Market Was Caught Off Guard

While all the people of Indonesia are celebrating ied Fitri holiday, which is very surprising is the most extended holiday ever for the stock market. The Federal Reserve shocked the market by raising its interest rates. In this condition, the stock market of Indonesia was caught off guard. Before the

A Long Night’s Sleep on Economic Activity

Today, the Government assigned national holiday when the election of the head of the area (PILKADA) simultaneously on June 27 will not impact significantly to trade in the stock market. Investors pay more attention to the Governor's Council meeting (RDG) Bank Indonesia later this month and might estimate that the

Benefit for Investors during Ramadan and Eid Celebration

Consumer good, tourism, and logistic & transportation sector are the most three industries that getting maximum benefit because of Ramadan and Eid celebration. Stocks that related with consumer goods in such as ULTJ, ROTI, MYOR, INDF, ICBP, CLEO, CAMP, and AISA tend to have positive trend. Stocks that related with

Should We buy stocks in the Weakening Sectors?

Indonesian financial market is still fluctuated during 2018. IHSG is corrected for 4.5% and closed in level 6.069,71 (-0.31%) in Wednesday (6/6). From nine sectors, just two sectors: mining and basic industry are still strength 22.42% and 20.16%, respectively. We believe