Type of new investor in Indonesia market

Indonesian central securities depository (KSEI), together with financial service authority (FSA), and other Self Regulatory Organizations (SRO) announce several improvement in its operational performance based on investor development chart of january-april 2019 period. The number of single investor identification (SID), sub securities account (SRE), and login to AKSes facilities have

Indonesian Investors Are Having a Bad Year

Political instability and security risks ahead of the announcement of presidential election results on Wednesday may put further pressure on Indonesian stocks, already the second worst-performing major market in Asia this year. The Jakarta Composite Index is down 4.6% since the start of 2019 after suffering its worst week in 13

The Misleading of Return Calculation

There are some definitions of return in financial market.  Return is the main purpose of all investments. In general, investors want positive and the highest return. However, the return can be negative and the results will decrease the total wealth of investors.

Break Through the Boundaries

“Pain is temporary, glory is forever” Everyone must have dreams. Even from the childhood we are always given the motivation to have dreams as high as the sky. To be to be a doctor, to be an architect to be a successful entrepreneur, there are many more dreams that we want

Overconfidence: We Aren’t as Good as We Think

Human are fallible creatures. We make mistakes and more often than not we aren’t able to realize it when we make one. One of the sources of such times is the bias from overconfidence. When we experience overconfidence, we overestimate our knowledge or our skills when in reality those confidences

Failure is a Friend

    “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” - Frederick Douglass Later did I know that it is important of being patient and wait for the right opportunity, rather than trying to force one that is not so right – one that would have took us into the unknown. Sometimes I can

A Simple Way to Beat the Market

CAN SLIM is a stock selection method based on the classic best seller book "How to Make Money in Stocks: A Winning System In Good Times or Bad" (first edition in 1988) written by William J. O'Neil. He also founded the brokerage house William O'Neil & Co. Inc and business