MB 5011 Investment and Portfolio Theory  Course is a mandatory course for MSM  in Finance Program at the School of Business and Management Institut Teknologi Bandung.

The course was running since 2013, it is by intention that this semester, there will be a significant change in how we will deliver this class.  Some of the uniqueness of this course are the strong mixed of the theoretical and practical approaches. While the strong theoretical parts are systematically delivered, students are mandatory to open and to develop a portfolio using a real equity account.

Along with this course, students are grouped and forming a wannabe Investment Firm. The individual will act as an associates analyst that develop Firms’ portfolio.

Amongst the theoretical tools given in this class are the microstructure of capital market, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, active portfolio management, and portfolio evaluation.   The difference between this class and others offered in different programs in SBM ITB is that this class put stressed on more analytical aspects. The Class will be delivered at two places:  Room 1212  (1st SBM ITB  Building)  and at Kresna SBM ITB Financial Trading Center.

Enjoy the class, conduct the best of analysis, consistent execution, and always CUAN!

Deddy P. Koesrindartoto PhD


*We are thankful, this class learning process is supported by