Greenblatt’s and Price Momentum Screener Model

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Greenblatt's magic formula is a simple and easy screening method that relies on quantitative screens and is designed to beat the stock market's average annual returns. It outlines two criteria: companies cost of capital and stock

Big Cap Undervalue Stock Screener Model

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There still a lot of investors who feel confused to choose what kind of stocks to be executed before they start to make an investment. In this article, we will explain how to filter

GARP – Growth at Reasonable Price  Screener Model

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GS Capital is currently  using GARP method, which is Growth at Reasonable Price. This method tries to combine the approach of value and growth investing to select stocks. This method tries to find companies that have consistent earnings

My Philosophy of Teaching and Learning

From learning comes to knowledge From practicing comes to know-how From ‘real’  winning and losing comes to happiness and sadness From happiness and sadness comes to Wisdom   The cycle of learning that I really believe anyone should experience for mastering on something. Those especially fit for preparing your self in Capital Market. On this short articles, I will


Our top notch lab with  many activities,  related to educational, research ,  and outreach programs supported by the recent  hardware and software and valid data.

CFA connection

MSM in Finance SBM ITB has been recognized as the CFA University Affiliation Program.  To get the recognition, CFA will review the curriculum whether it is comply with the skill sets they required. Not only that,  it is the only graduate program to receive such as recognition in Indonesia.