Kenneth Fisher Price to Sales and Buffettology Esque Screening Model


Kenneth Fisher price to sales screener is used to look for undervalued companies through low price to sales and is in good condition where the average profit margin for five years must be above 5%, debt to equity ratio below 0.4 and positive cash flow. In addition, Kenneth also requires the company to have sufficient growth so that the EPS growth conditions are added 3 years CAGR which is above 15%. This screener is suitable for investor values to look for long-term investment stocks that are undervalued

Buffettology-esque sustainable growth screen uses an approach from renowned investor Warren Buffett that focuses on the value and quality of the business. To determine a good business strategy by looking for stocks with EPS that continues to grow for at least 4 times in a row. The screener is also looking for companies with low debt compared to their net income and growth in earnings yields, Return on Equity (RoE), and Return on Capital Employee (RoCE) that are stable.